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  • Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet
    Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet
  • Mobile Portable Prefab Folding Container House Wellcamp F16
    Mobile Portable Prefab Folding Container House Wellcamp F16
  • Prefabricated House
    Prefabricated House
  • Wellcamp M-4 Portable Toile
    Wellcamp M-4 Portable Toile
  • Wellcamp V-6 Movable Villa
    Wellcamp V-6 Movable Villa
  • Portable Toilet
    Portable Toilet
  • Shipping container house-2
    Shipping container house-2
  • Wellcamp S-1 workshop steel structure
    Wellcamp S-1 workshop steel structure

Camp Container

Container Villa-5

1.This container villa with special emphasis on the panel which is corrugate shape looks like shipping container and internal wall panel already with wood printing decoration. 2.Fire proof and water proof systern. Also the steel structure is hot galvanized that suitable for the seaside. 3.Aluminum double glass sliding windows and steel door can be designed for andy side. 4.With the modern and comfortable design, this container villa is popular used in the villa resort....

wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa

Wellcamp V-2 affordable luxury villa,China Prefab House Manufacturer,luxuryVilla Design and Installation...

Flat Pack Container Hous-3

Wellcamp flat pack container is very flexible, many units can be combined together and the container house steel structure strong enough to support three floors combined. Because of this advantage,wellcamp flat pack is widely used for container office, container hotel, container holiday home,container dormitory and container meeting room....

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