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Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet
Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet

Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet,China Prefab House Manufacturer,Portable Toilet Design and Installation; Prefabricated homes are evolved from the most mature international housing product. Because of the possibility of stores house, prefabricated houses are much more suitable for the projects with shortage of land resource. As the most economic product, prefabricated houses were widely used in construction, highway, railway, hydropower, etc.

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Advantages of the house
1. Easy Move & install.
2. One toilet including seating toilet,wash basin and Aluminum shutter window.
3. Anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for more than 15 years without any building garbage.

4. Environmental-friendly materials, the house can be assemble and disassemble six times.

Technical Data

Water Tank: 110L
Waste Tank: 300L
Standard Equipment: Flushing toilet,Hand Wash Basin
Other Equipment: Articulate,Exhause Fan,Metal Fork Trunk Base
Picking Choose: Defecation Clique
Standard Color: Door Panel:Red; Wall Panel:Grey Sitting Toilet:Marble Wash Basin:Marble


Materials for the house
STEEL STRUCTURE:   Bending Steel
ROOF:   50mm EPS sandwich panel
WALL:  50mm EPSsandwich panel
DOOR:  EPS door
WINDOW:  aluminum shutter window