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  • Wellcamp C-7 Flat Pack Container House
    Wellcamp C-7 Flat Pack Container House
  • Wellcamp M-1 Portable Toilet
    Wellcamp M-1 Portable Toilet
  • Security Room-1
    Security Room-1
  • Folding Container House-3
    Folding Container House-3
  • Detachable Container House-3
    Detachable Container House-3
  • Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa
    Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa
  • Portable Toilet
    Portable Toilet
  • Wellcamp M-4 Portable Toile
    Wellcamp M-4 Portable Toile

portable container homes

Container Villa

The flat pack house have been used in construction, commerce, industry, education, mining, petroleum, disaster and military affairs. With the fixed size, the container house could be designed according to the function and combined together in three-dimensional direction. Also, the container house can be assembled and reassembled for re transportation via road, train and sea....

Container House

Wellcamp container house included folding container house,detachable container house, flat pack container house and expandable container house. Wellcamp prefab container house is a standard mobile house. Solid structure makes this house resist up to 120KM/H wind speed. Flat packing and loading into 40 feet shipping containers when shipping makes goods safe and easy to transport and lay in at local site. Recycle use, save projects cost. With the character of free moving, fast installation and recycle use , it is highly favorite by construction companies, mining companies, road & bridge companies all over the world....

Folding Container House

The folding container house is a new kind of integrated modular house. Its fast and efficient installation and dismantling time, allows for the structure to be recycled. The folding container house can be used as labour housing, site office, temporary housing for cyclone-affected areas, education or arts and craft facility....

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