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T prefabricated House

These houses we call T Prefabricated House, because of the way to calculate the house's square meter. Standard glossary: mT x nT x H=Length x Width x Height. T=950mm. T Prefabricated House is suitable for the office, accommodation, stock, canteen, hotel etc.

Wellcamp is a China based manufacturer of steel structure building, prefabricated house and related steel products. We have been in the steel structure and prefab house field for more than 13 years, are ISO9001 certified and are approved by SGS. Our products include the prefabricated house, steel structure building, container house, light steel villa, sandwich panel, and profiled steel, among others, and they are commonly used in the industrial and civil construction, and commercial industries for construction of temporary accommodation, warehouses, workshops, and other related buildings.

Our prefab houses are environmentally friendly and can offer you savings on your prefabricated accommodation costs. The prefabricated house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels for its walls and roof. Assembled using bolts, it can be easily put up and taken down when needed by a small, low-skill workforce. For example, a prefab house offering a building area of 300m2 can be assembled by just 7 workers in 3 workdays with only basic tools and a set of instructions. In addition, all parts are reusable. The houses can be taken down and reassembled more than 6 times and have a service life of over 15 years. With these advantages in mind, our prefabricated houses can not only be used as temporary accommodation and offices but have a wide variety of other uses and are ideal for use on construction sites, tourism sites, in exhibitions, the natural gas and petroleum exploration industries, and many more. They are also ideal for use as accommodation solutions in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.