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  • Folding Container House-6
    Folding Container House-6
  • Detachable Container House
    Detachable Container House
  • Wellcamp C-9 Army Color Folding Container
    Wellcamp C-9 Army Color Folding Container
  • Container Villa
    Container Villa
  • Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house
    Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house
  • Shipping container house-2
    Shipping container house-2
  • Wellcamp M-2 Toilet for Public
    Wellcamp M-2 Toilet for Public
  • Wellcamp S-2 steel structure workshop
    Wellcamp S-2 steel structure workshop

Steel Structure Building Prefab House

Detachable Container House

Portable Detachable Container is a new generation of prefab house. It is a whole unit itself, which can be used as a single portable house, or combined laterally or placed with layers. Detachable Container house can be connected by bolts, with easy installation and fast transportation. Life span is 10-15 years. Applications: Refugee Camp, Labor Camp, Dormitory, Office, Toilet, Guard House, Shop, Hotel...

Shipping container house-1

Shipping container house, this kind of container house is modified by the real 20 feet shipping container or 40 feet shipping container. It can be new or second hand,very green way to build the house. Fast way to build the container home, as majority of the furniture,electric and water system are already built inside. Made by the corten Steel and the outside steel plate is welding connected,this shipping containers house are extremely strong. Waterproof, sou-insulated, heat preservation, seal, easy to clean and maintain....

Prefabricated House

Our prefabricated house included K prefabricated house and T prefabricated house. It is a type of Wellcamp fast install and eco-friendly products for temporary use. This product adopts light gauge steel as the structural frame, color-coated sandwich panes as the enclosure material, is designed with standard module to form the layouts and the primary components are connected by bolts. This kind of houses are widely used in construction sites, disaster areas and labor camps....

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