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  • K Prefabricated House
    K Prefabricated House
  • Flat Pack Container Hous-3
    Flat Pack Container Hous-3
  • Container Villa-6
    Container Villa-6
  • Wellcamp T-3 labor camp prefabricated house
    Wellcamp T-3 labor camp prefabricated house
  • Detachable Container House-3
    Detachable Container House-3
  • Portable Toilet
    Portable Toilet
  • Security Room-2
    Security Room-2
  • wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa
    wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa

Shipping Container Homes

Wellcamp C-12 Big Board Container

Wellcamp C-12 Big board container,China Prefab House Manufacturer,Container House Design and Installation; Wellcamp flat pack container house is best choice for the container office, as the size....

Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa

The Container villa is a kind of prefab house which has integrated the points of container and Bungalow house. It is consist of one or several container shape prefab modules. The maximum size of the module can achieve L14M*W3.8M. The walls of the module can be decorated freely into any style with any material you want. After the connecting and decoration, the house will come out like normal concrete building, no division can be saw from inside or outside....

Folding Container House

The folding container house is a new kind of integrated modular house. Its fast and efficient installation and dismantling time, allows for the structure to be recycled. The folding container house can be used as labour housing, site office, temporary housing for cyclone-affected areas, education or arts and craft facility....

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