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  • Folding Container House-3
    Folding Container House-3
  • Wellcamp M-5 Portable Toile
    Wellcamp M-5 Portable Toile
  • Prefabricated House
    Prefabricated House
  • Shipping container house-2
    Shipping container house-2
  • Detachable Container House-3
    Detachable Container House-3
  • Container Villa-7
    Container Villa-7
  • Wellcamp S-5 economic warehouse
    Wellcamp S-5 economic warehouse
  • Mobile Portable Prefab Folding Container House Wellcamp F16
    Mobile Portable Prefab Folding Container House Wellcamp F16

Modern Luxury Container House

Wellcamp C-1 Sudan Container House

Wellcamp C-1 Sudan container house,China Prefab House Manufacturer,Container House Design and Installation; WEllCAMP detachable container house is advantage in all the installation process don’t need any machines, like forklift and crane....

Folding Container House-3

Folding container house is the superior hot product in Wellcamp products. Fireproof IEPS sandwich panel is used for wall and roof with galvanized steel and 100% folding design. Within 4 minutes three workers can install one house, 7 days can build a city....

Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house

1) K house advantage is about easy construction, inexpensive, time-saving, labor saving, convenient transportation, recyclable material, safety. 2) K house steel structures are so strong that can resist heavy wind of 120 km/h and 7 grade earthquakes. 3) K house own good fireproofing and heat insulation performance. 4) K house can anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is anti-rusting because it has been painted the paint and can normally use for more than 15 years....

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