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  • Wellcamp C-12 Big Board Container
    Wellcamp C-12 Big Board Container
  • wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa
    wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa
  • Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house
    Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house
  • Security Room-2
    Security Room-2
  • Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet
    Wellcamp M-3 Portable Toilet
  • Folding Container House-6
    Folding Container House-6
  • Folding Container House
    Folding Container House
  • Wellcamp M-2 Toilet for Public
    Wellcamp M-2 Toilet for Public

Light Steel Villa Prefabricated

Container Villa-7

1. Container module design, most finished at factory, just external fixing job to floor ground and connecting to power and water supply. Easy assemble and lowest Labor charge. 2. Whole unit steel structure design give the house high strength which can against 12grade typhoon and 10grade earthquake, to make sure the liver safe in any bad environment. 3. Various external decoration makes the house looks luxury. 4. Comfortable inner decoration make your living more pleased....

Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house

1) K house advantage is about easy construction, inexpensive, time-saving, labor saving, convenient transportation, recyclable material, safety. 2) K house steel structures are so strong that can resist heavy wind of 120 km/h and 7 grade earthquakes. 3) K house own good fireproofing and heat insulation performance. 4) K house can anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is anti-rusting because it has been painted the paint and can normally use for more than 15 years....

Wellcamp S-1 workshop steel structure

Wellcamp S-1 workshop steel structure,China Prefab House Manufacturer,Steel Structure Building Design and Installation; Wellcamp have the most professional team to design the house what you require, and the K prefabricated house can be used to labor camp, dormitory, office and so on. We use the highest quality materials and we guarantee the K prefabricated house quality is better than other suppliers.The following pictures are our company designing....

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