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  • Shipping Container House
    Shipping Container House
  • Folding Container House-6
    Folding Container House-6
  • Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa
    Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa
  • Flat Pack Container Hous-4
    Flat Pack Container Hous-4
  • Security Room-1
    Security Room-1
  • Detachable Container House-3
    Detachable Container House-3
  • Wellcamp C-13 colorful concept Folding container
    Wellcamp C-13 colorful concept Folding container
  • Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house
    Wellcamp K-8 movable prefabricated house

Light Steel Prefabricated Vila House

Wellcamp T-6 school prefabricated house

Prefabricated house is a kind of commercial house with complete new ideas. It is composed of light gauge steel keel ,sandwich panel integrated by standard module series....

Expandable Container House

Expandable container house is characteristics for the expandable installation, just five steps can install one house with the crane. Two different designs for the expandable container house, type A inside empty(30m2), type B with two bedrooms,one toilet,one kitchen and one living room(33.6m2). This container house is very convenient for the transportation, as unloading is one package, it can be moved by truck and can be assembled and disassembled for more than 20 times . As this advantage, our expandable container house is popular used in Military camp and field....

Steel Villa

WELLCAMP is China light steel villa manufacturer. Our one floor steel villas are made from a prefabricated and customized design. The villas are easy to construct and so are time and labor saving. They are fireproof, insulated against heat and cold, have no movement in working size and a low pollution. WELLCAMP also offers steel structure building, prefabricated house, container house, sandwich panel and profiled steel....

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