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K Prefabricated House

These houses we call K PREFABRICATED HOUSE, because of the way to calculate the house's square meter. Standard glossary: mK x nK x aP=Length x Width x Height. K=1820mm.P=950mm, N is the any integer>=2 K PREFABRICATED HOUSE is suitable for the office, accommodation, stock, canteen, refugee house, etc. Because of the low cost price, convenient mobile and recyclable materials, this kind of house is widely used in construction site and the camp.

The series of modular board house is the new concept in construction of Pre-Fabricated houses.These are more protective against stringent environments and yet economical. and has been categorized into 2 types based on the quality of build.
Standard And Premier.
The standard module for spatial array, and use light steel structure, with sandwich panel wall and corrugated steel sheet.
To make it simple, beautiful and short work cycle.

Common applications
K type prefabricated house or offices at:

Field work.
Urban municipal administration.
Commercial and other provisional houses etc.
eg: Temporary office, Meeting room, Command post, Dormitory, Temporary shop, Temporary school, Temporary hospital, Temporary parking area, Temporary exhibition hall, Temporary maintenance, Temporary service station, etc.

Features and Advantages of K type prefabricated house
Reliable Structure: The light steel and the flexible structure system is more safe and reliable which makes it to meet the design criteria based on the construction requirements.
Assembly & Dismantling: Can be assembled and dis-Mantled with simple tools and Multiple times.
Easy & Quick installation: One person can install 10 to 20 square meters of the house\day, on daily average basis.
One unit of 3K ×10K house can be built up in two days by six labors.
Elegant outlook: The house is elegant in appearance.
Flexible: The doors and windows can be fixed in random position. Interior partition can be arranged in any position on the transverse Direction.
Long life:All the light steel construction has been Auto-painted and highly resistant to corrosiveness.
Eco-Friendly: Designed to suit stringent weather conditions and yet produce less debris when dismantled.
Economical: Our innovative designs and right selection of materials and also integrated manufacturing system makes it much cheaper compared to conventional construction materials and methods.