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  • K Prefabricated House
    K Prefabricated House
  • Wellcamp CV-3 Container Villa
    Wellcamp CV-3 Container Villa
  • Wellcamp V-3 beautiful luxury Villa
    Wellcamp V-3 beautiful luxury Villa
  • Security Room-2
    Security Room-2
  • Prefabricated House
    Prefabricated House
  • Wellcamp T-3 labor camp prefabricated house
    Wellcamp T-3 labor camp prefabricated house
  • Expandable Container House-1
    Expandable Container House-1
  • Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house
    Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house

Folding Container Home

Detachable Container House-3

1.Modern & High end design, Detachable Ripple Container house is the Newest prefab house trend in 2017. 2.Corrugated appearance outside for Oceanic Style & Wood grain painting inside for indoor comfort, Better Looking than normal. 3.IEPS panel for wall & roof, 100% fire proof and water proof, the One & Only. 4.Galvanized main frame, Stronger, more Durable & Extra Anti-corrosion. 5.Size:3mX6MX2.85H and customizable, Better choice for DIY....

Shipping container house-1

Shipping container house, this kind of container house is modified by the real 20 feet shipping container or 40 feet shipping container. It can be new or second hand,very green way to build the house. Fast way to build the container home, as majority of the furniture,electric and water system are already built inside. Made by the corten Steel and the outside steel plate is welding connected,this shipping containers house are extremely strong. Waterproof, sou-insulated, heat preservation, seal, easy to clean and maintain....

Mobile Portable Prefab Folding Container House Wellcamp F16

This prefab folding container house has an advantage of quick assembly, convenient storage and transportation, with excellent features of heat preservation, inflaming retarding, waterproof, cold-proof, corrosion prevention, water tightness and air tightness. The whole structure is connected by hinge, hasp and other flexible components. To unfold it only needs a forklift to raise top roof to its expanding height, then it is ready to be used....

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