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  • Wellcamp K-6 widely used prefabricated house
    Wellcamp K-6 widely used prefabricated house
  • Flat Pack Container Hous-3
    Flat Pack Container Hous-3
  • Wellcamp CV-3 Container Villa
    Wellcamp CV-3 Container Villa
  • Detachable Container House-3
    Detachable Container House-3
  • Security Room-1
    Security Room-1
  • wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa
    wellcamp V-2 Affordable luxury Villa
  • Container Villa-6
    Container Villa-6
  • Detachable Container House
    Detachable Container House

Container Villas manufacturer

Wellcamp C-7 Flat Pack Container House

Wellcamp C-7 flat pack container house,China Prefab House Manufacturer,Container House Design and Installation...

Container Villa-6

Prefab container module makes the installing job at site very little but the shipping freight is a litter higher, so it is more fit for the market where the labor cost is still too high comparing to the shipping freight. High quality steel structure system make the house life achieve more than 70years....

Expandable Container House

Expandable container house is characteristics for the expandable installation, just five steps can install one house with the crane. Two different designs for the expandable container house, type A inside empty(30m2), type B with two bedrooms,one toilet,one kitchen and one living room(33.6m2). This container house is very convenient for the transportation, as unloading is one package, it can be moved by truck and can be assembled and disassembled for more than 20 times . As this advantage, our expandable container house is popular used in Military camp and field....

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