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  • Flat Pack Container Hous-4
    Flat Pack Container Hous-4
  • Container Villa-6
    Container Villa-6
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    Security Room
  • Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house
    Wellcamp T-2 office prefabricated house
  • Flat Pack Container Hous-3
    Flat Pack Container Hous-3
  • Flat Pack Container House
    Flat Pack Container House
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    Steel Structure
  • Wellcamp S-2 steel structure workshop
    Wellcamp S-2 steel structure workshop

Container Villa Hotel

Container Villa-6

Prefab container module makes the installing job at site very little but the shipping freight is a litter higher, so it is more fit for the market where the labor cost is still too high comparing to the shipping freight. High quality steel structure system make the house life achieve more than 70years....

Wellcamp CV-2 Container Villa

The Container villa is a kind of prefab house which has integrated the points of container and Bungalow house. It is consist of one or several container shape prefab modules. The maximum size of the module can achieve L14M*W3.8M. The walls of the module can be decorated freely into any style with any material you want. After the connecting and decoration, the house will come out like normal concrete building, no division can be saw from inside or outside....

Container Villa-4

Container module design, most finished at factory, just external fixing job to floor ground and connecting to power and water supply. Easy assemble and lowest Labor charge. Whole unit steel structure design give the house high strength which can against 12grade typhoon and 10grade earthquake, to make sure the liver safe in any bad environment. This container villa is popular used for the villa resort. Easy install with competive price, the best choice for vocation warm home. More information about it, welcome to contact us....

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